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Sound Agreements Mediation For Legal Disputes
Thomas D. Neeleman
Senior Mediator

What is Mediation?

Mediation is nothing more than disputing parties getting together to agree on a resolution. Unfortunately, “getting together” is easier said than done.

At SoundAgreements, we provide a framework where parties feel free to communicate. With the help of a skilled mediator, you can eliminate the background noise and get about the business of reaching an agreement.

Our goal at SoundAgreements is simple:


“The dispute is over when you walk out the door.”

Benefits Of Resolving Your Dispute Through Mediation Include:

You can reduce or eliminate legal fees, court costs and delays that can turn a simple dispute into a real nightmare.
It is very likely that you can reach a reasonable and fair settlement that works for all parties.
The amount you pay for the mediation is a fraction of what you would pay to pursue litigation.
You can mediate a dispute even after a lawsuit has been filed or even decided. It is never to late to reach an agreement.
Most disputes can be settled in one session or less
Our mediators are compassionate professionals there to help you craft your agreement.
Our mediation centers are specifically designed for comfort and privacy. We insist that all parties approach the mediation with the goal of settlement in mind.